Once you learn how to use Microsoft PowerShell to automate tasks, you’ll breeze right through your workflow.

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TL;DR: Learning to automate tasks can be a major benefit. Save on The 2023 Windows PowerShell Certification Bundle, now only $19.99 (reg. $1,200).

There isn’t a whole lot that can beat having your technical tasks performed automatically. So if you, the system administrators or the IT professionals you employ are just beginning to use Microsoft PowerShell scripting, the inexpensive 2023 Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle demonstrates how to work more efficiently by automating tasks.

The Anybody Can Script course makes it easy for anyone who understands the basic concept of the command line to grasp PowerShell concepts and learn how to integrate it — even with non-Microsoft products. If you prefer to approach PowerShell from a Python perspective, the GUI Automation Using Python course covers everything about using Python for automating the GUI, including mouse control, screenshots and more.

Essential Tools for Windows System Administrators dives deep into PowerShell scripting with a tour of the program and its installation, as well as how to use it with Windows Event Viewer, Task Scheduler and Task Manager.

Automating Administration With Windows PowerShell is a project-based course that will help you develop robust automation solutions and application validation during critical events — even PowerShell for Programming.

The Active Directory (AD) Management Using Windows PowerShell course teaches system administrators how PowerShell scripting can automate daily tasks related to Active Directory. PowerShell and Active Directory basics are covered, such as managing groups and users and handling bulk requests.

Additionally, Advanced Scripting & Tool Making Using Windows PowerShell offers more practice for sysadmins with real-world situations. In fact, there is actually information on using PowerShell to automate tasks that interact with products by companies other than Microsoft.

These courses are presented by Vijay Saini, an IT professional with a vast knowledge of cloud technologies, Python, Microsoft Azure and DBMS; Saini specializes in using PowerShell for automation.

Former students have rated the bundle 4.5 out of 5 stars. Verified purchaser, Riccardo Mussi, described one course as “the best course so far. I feel like this course actually showed us things we would be doing day to day in the workplace. It’s nice to problem solve since that will probably be a big chunk of the job.” If you’re already using Microsoft products, then you might as well employ the one that will allow your business to be more productive while using fewer man-hours.

Get the 2023 Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle now while it’s on sale for just $19.99.

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