GFR’s AI-generated art imagines Kaley Cuoco as a Jedi.

kaley cuoco star wars

If you’ve ever wondered what Kaley Cuoco would look like as a Jedi, you’re in luck. The good folks at Giant Freakin Robot have created a mock-up of just such a scenario. A picture recently posted to the GFR Instagram gives us a glimpse at what the Big Bang Theory star might look like if she joined the Star Wars universe.

The picture shows Kaley Cuoco wearing an outfit similar to the one worn by Rey Skywalker in the Disney Star Wars sequel trilogy. In the pic, Cuoco is brandishing a blue lightsaber like the one used by Luke and Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope, holding it in a defensive pose.

The actress previously dressed up like Luke Skywalker for a charity event in which she had to ride horseback in full costume. Kaley Cuoco took the top prize in the Charity Pro-Am Style & Competition during the Longines Masters of Los Angeles back in 2015 while swinging around a similarly colored lightsaber. Between the new pic and ones from the competition eight years ago, it’s clear that Kaley was meant to play someone in Star Wars…again.

While Kaley Cuoco hasn’t technically portrayed any characters in the Star Wars universe, according to IMDb the Flight Attendant actress did play herself in a Star Wars documentary. Specifically, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Adventure Awaits, a 2019 documentary about the Disney attraction. Clearly, Kaley has no problem with being Star Wars adjacent now she just has to make the leap to an actual role in the beloved space opera franchise.

Kaley Cuoco
The Flight Attendant

Unfortunately, neither Lucasfilm nor Kaley Cuoco herself has ever publicly discussed the possibility of the actress joining Star Wars in a live-action or even animated role. That doesn’t stop fans of the George Lucas-spawned franchise and the blonde bombshell actress from imagining a union between the two.

If Kaley Cuoco did join the Star Wars universe, it would have to be the perfect part. How many blonde female Jedi could there be, though? The answer is more than you think.

Siri Tachi, a member of the Jedi Order and occasional love interest of Obi-Wan Kenobi, would be a great fit for Kaley Cuoco. Tash Arranda, star of the Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear novels, would be another good pick. Disney’s upcoming series Star Wars: The Acolyte is supposed to be set during the High Republic era, and who better to play Jedi Master Avar Kriss than Kaley?

Of course, if Kaley Cuoco was to make the trip to a galaxy far, far away, it wouldn’t have to be as a Jedi necessarily. Perhaps Kaley would want to dwell in the darker side of Star Wars. If that were the case, Quickdraw, a TIE fighter pilot for the First Order, would be right up her alley.

If Disney ever makes Shadows of the Empire canon again, Kaley Cuoco would make the perfect Guri. Guri was an android and assassin working for Black Sun crime boss Prince Xizor.

While Kaley Cuoco would make a fine addition to the Star Wars universe, only time will tell if she ever seriously pursues a role in the franchise. Until then, fans can continue to embrace fan art like the picture above and imagine what could be.


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