University of Alberta researchers eye artificial intelligence to weigh opioid risks – CTV

Feb. 19, 2023

EDMONTON – Researchers in Alberta are experimenting with artificial intelligence to measure the risks of prescription opioids amid the ongoing drug overdose crisis across Canada.
While doctors have a set protocol to identify patients at risk of opioid addiction, Dr. Dean Eurich said machine learning “could do a better job” of pinning down who is most susceptible.

The AI-assisted system could provide an additional “level of comfort to clinicians (knowing) there are also other supports they can use to help (in) making sure the patient is getting the right drug at the right time,” said Eurich, program director for the clinical epidemiology program at the University of Alberta.

With this tool, physicians could predict the impacts of a prescription opioid on patients and save them from unnecessary emergency department visits or even death within 30 days of starting the medication.

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