Fans of the hit racing game Gran Turismo will soon get the chance to really test their skills. The game is about to let racers face-off against Sony AI’s GT Sophy, which is apparently nearly impossible for your average racer to beat.

The feature will drop with the game’s rev1.29 update(Opens in a new tab) on Tuesday, meaning you’ve got about a day to practice. Racers will be able to race against four separate, slightly different versions of the AI in the new Gran Turismo Sophy Race Together mode. There’s also a version where you can take on Sophy in a one on one race.

The best version of the AI will apparently be nearly unbeatable for your average gamer. A study on the AI published in Nature(Opens in a new tab) showed Sophy beat four of the world’s best Grand Turismo drivers and, it stands to reason, it’s only gotten better with time and increased learning.

“From the beginning, Gran Turismo Sophy was always about more than just being superhuman; we aspired to create an AI agent that would enhance the experience of players of all levels, and to make this experience available to everyone. We have now accomplished this with GT Sophy Race Together mode,” said Michael Spranger, chief operating officer of Sony AI, in a statement(Opens in a new tab).

There will be different levels of races for differently experience drivers. Basically, on the easier leverls, you’ll be able to have a more powerful car that should help you close the gap against Sophy.

The AI racing mode will only be available through March, so try to beat Sophy while you can.

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