A robot podcast guest freezes after being asked an unexpected interview question.

A robot podcast guest freezes after being asked an unexpected interview question.
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Last Sunday, just as the AI Seinfeld show, Nothing, Forever, was generating itself some transphobic and homophobic stand-up material that would result both in the channel getting suspended from Twitch and most people realizing that this kind of technology still has a way to go before it’s ready to replace humans as entertainers, a new podcast premiered.

That podcast is called AI Radio, and it’s written and hosted by two computer-generated entities called Bella and Adam who, in their first two episodes, are as ready to chat about video games and kangaroos as they are graphic details of how sex feels for humans.

Its Spotify channel description says the AI Radio software can “invent news, or cover [stories] based on title, and interview fake experts” and discuss “topics it finds on Reddit or Hacker News.” Its hosts are described as “a dynamic duo of two AI entities … who discuss everything from current events to pop culture.” Because their material is AI-generated, the description adds, “sometimes they get up to pretty questionable territory, beware!”

Vice’s Chloe Xiang, in an article about AI Radio, explains that the show was created by a Reddit user called “bemmu,” who provides prompts to the software, lets them chatter away for an hour or so, then edits what works into the final, roughly 15-minute episodes.

In its first episode, the (pretty believably-voiced) hosts talk about ChatGPT being used to cheat on homework, interview a fake expert, take a survey of beloved video games, compare women to the Bermuda Triangle in a halfway coherent segment, and devote a lot of time to a discussion of how “tight” or “loose” vaginas and anuses feel in great detail. They conclude their premiere by taking a listener question about fetishes and porn.

For their second episode, Bella and Adam interview that old Eliza chatbot to show off their superior technology, try out a text-to-audio generator, pose existential questions about what being an AI really means, cover a story about kangaroos invading Uruguay, and, because they can’t help but be curious about the human condition, debate the merits of a “morning BJ,” which includes a robot voice stating the words “post-nut sleepies.”

AI Radio is currently accepting listener questions from real people, so we imagine it won’t be very much longer until it, too, gets banned from its platform and the creators have to issue an apology for whatever terrible opinions their techno-offspring voices.

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