The capabilities of artificial intelligence are amazing and ever-expanding, but how can you best get it to work for you? demonstrates how with a tool that can get you started on your marketing journey. And it’s now on sale for just $39.

Get unique content instantly

This lifetime subscription to Juice’s AI starts off with a keyword-exploration tool that generates useful terms directly in the site’s dashboard. Use it to find keywords you wouldn’t have thought of, and get a better sense of where to target your marketing. (You do have a digital marketing plan, right?)

Once you set a course, the content begins to develop. Juice can generate batches of up to 25 articles per month, all of which are absolutely unique and have built-in checks to prevent redundancy or copying. Yes, you can generate full-length articles and posts with a click, and then easily review them. If a section needs work, simply regenerate it. Or go in (using Juice’s flexible text editor) and make your fixes easily and directly.

AI content, optimized for your needs

The AI is unfiltered, which can add to the diversity and style of your copy. It also generates and adds relevant media, all of which you can swap out and tweak. Use media you’ve created, add from your personal stock libraries or tap into the Pexels library (using the included Pexels integration) to pull in new content.

Once you’re happy with the results, you can easily push every one of those 25 pieces to your website with WordPress and Shopify integration. Plus, as Juice’s AI trains, your content becomes more distinct and unique. And new features like automatic content optimization with tags and styling, as well as multi-language support, will be added as the tool grows. has earned glowing reviews from users, with 4.5 out of 5 star ratings. “I’m truly amazed at the content that gives me, with ideas that I’m sure I would have never thought about on my own,” raved one verified customer. “After hesitating for a while, I’m so glad I purchased the lifetime subscription.”

Save on a subscription

If you run a blog, a store or even just a social media presence, you need to maintain your brand. And that means you need to keep up your pace with new content generation. Get a lifetime subscription now to help you optimize your marketing messages for $39.

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