In a Twitter Spaces session, Elon Musk once again expressed doubts about Kamala Harris as the AI czar while discussing his latest venture, xAI.

What Happened: Musk, the entrepreneur behind companies like Tesla Inc. TSLA and SpaceX, held a Twitter Spaces session to discuss his latest venture, xAI. 

During the conversation, he expressed doubts about Harris serving as the AI czar. For the unversed, the Vice President was appointed to spearhead the White House’s artificial intelligence alternatives and hailed as AI czar by the media. 

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Musk expressed skepticism about Harris in the role of AI czar but stated that he would be willing to meet with her, if invited. 

He emphasized the importance of regulatory oversight for AI, both in the U.S. and globally, foreseeing that China would also implement AI regulations to avoid subordination to a digital superintelligence.

The tech billionaire stressed on the importance of developing an AGI that is both “maximum curious” and “truth curious,” striving to minimize the gap between perceived and actual truth. 

Addressing concerns about the limitations of current AI systems, Musk spoke about the need for significant advancements, stating that current AI models provide nonsensical responses to technical questions. 

He revealed that xAI would collaborate with Tesla to enhance the automaker’s self-driving capabilities. Musk also discussed AI’s need to generate its own content in the future, as human-created data would eventually become insufficient.

You can listen to the complete Twitter Spaces on xAI here: 

Why It’s Important: In May, the Joe Biden-administration, with Vice President Harris at the helm, convened a meeting with CEOs of four prominent U.S. companies driving AI innovation. President Biden himself made an appearance during the meeting. However, Musk wasn’t invited. 

When a Twitter user commented that the tech billionaire would have been a valuable addition to the discussion, Musk, in his characteristic manner, replied, “I will survive.”

It is pertinent to note that Musk has been fairly vocal against the perils of AI if it were to let to grow unhindered.

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