Following right after launching his serene and contemplative “Midnight Mac” wallpapers, Basic Apple Guy has shared a sharp space wallpaper for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Here are the details and how to download the “Trip Around the Sun” wallpaper from Basic Apple Guy.

Creative savant Basic Apple Guy has been exploring AI tools like Midjourney recently which helped deliver works like the beautiful “Big Starry Sur” and his latest “Midnight Mac” wallpaper series.

His newest creation is a scene of the sun as it sets over the Earth’s horizon from space. Basic Apple Guy started with Midjourney, then added stars, texture, and more for a crisp and beautiful 6K wallpaper.

For those that asked, here is the “Trip Around the Sun” wallpaper I used in my M2 MacBook Air Review header. The image was rendered in Midjourney and upscaled to a 6K resolution (but it looks much better on a smaller panel like a 13 or 14-inch display). Although created in Midjourney, additional stars, texturizing, and cleaning up the image occurred to improve the overall quality as much as possible.

I started my review of the MacBook Air with the line ‘around the sun’ in my head, so the image is a fallout of that intention. It captures the sun cresting over the horizon of our rotating planet, casting long shadows as the first light hits the clouds. Enjoy.

Download the Trip Around the Sun wallpapers from Basic Apple Guy

And be sure to check out more of Basic Apple Guy’s amazing work:

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