There has been a plethora of news about AI completely changing photography as we know it, but is it actually usable in the real world? Not only will you see exactly what it can do in a professional setting, you’ll also get studio lighting setups, art direction, and an entire tutorial on doing this yourself.

This video from John Gress does an absolutely stellar job of providing a lot of information in a digestible format. I don’t photograph people at all in my own work yet I dived into the full video just to learn the capabilities of what these AI programs are actually doing in the studio space of photography. I was surprised to find just how in-depth he went into talking about lighting setups, general art direction for the idea of the shoot, and an entire deep dive into finding the best results for adapting AI-generated content into his work.

What I found most insightful was the breakdown of which AI models are actually usable in a professional environment and how he went about adapting the photos taken in the studio to be used with what was generated in each program. Furthermore, the added tutorial of replicating this for your own work was easily understood and adaptable no matter where you find yourself in your own work. It’s clear certain AI-generated settings worked to create more believable environments than others.

What’s your take? Do you think AI is inevitable and will you be using it in any of your own work? 


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