Streamlit, a generative AI app development platform, has now been integrated into LangChain, one of the top toolkits of LLM integration. Through this, Streamlit can easily turn data scripts into web applications. For the release of the integration, LangChain showed examples of how the Streamlit callback handler can be used to display the thoughts and actions of agents in an application.  

AI agents are all the rage now, and LangChain is also hopping on the trend. This is the latest update to LangChain’s growing set of tools for AI agent creation, this new integration will provide better transparency for developers creating agents. 

This integration is sure to give developers a deeper look into the ‘thought processes’ of their AI agents. The GitHub page for the update has a demo that users can try out, which provides a better understanding of what the integration can do. For example, when asked  about Leonardo DiCaprio’s current relationship status, the bot shows its ‘thinking process’, as shown below. 

With this integration, the agent is now able to show the step-by-step process of how it derives the result for the given question. With the Streamlit integration, developers can make even more powerful agents by getting a better understanding of how they work. 

Due to its capabilities to create custom-built AI agents, LangChain is also seeing attention from the developer ecosystem, with Andrew Ng recently releasing a set of courses featuring LangChain. Coupled with this, LangChain is also not slacking, as it keeps updating the toolkits’ capabilities. 

Ever since OpenAI introduced the function calling update for the GPT API, LangChain has been updating its capabilities non-stop. Along with their own function calling features, the company also closed a $10 million seed funding round in April.

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