The latest addition to Workspace Labs’ Duet AI features is the introduction of the “Help me organize” feature for Google Sheets.

Recently announced at I/O 2023, Google is utilising generative AI to offer suggestions and create table templates for Google Sheets, such as product roadmaps, budgets, and events. A side panel called “Help me organize” allows users to input prompts for Google Sheets.

Users can then insert the generated table and customise it according to their needs. This feature is designed to assist with tasks that involve complex tracking and organisation, potentially suggesting factors that were not initially considered. For example, users can ask Google Sheets to draft a trip planner or a task tracker.

The rollout of this feature has started today and is being gradually released to trusted testers in Google’s Workspace Labs program. Google Sheets is well-suited for the integration of AI, considering its frequently challenging use cases.

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Google has been pushing generative AI in the Google Workspace with Duet AI for unleashing creativity. 

For this, image generation using Imagen and other models is still being introduced to Google Slides after the initial announcement earlier this month. These additions join the existing “Help me write” feature in Gmail and Google Docs, with the latter currently available only on the web and not on mobile devices.


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