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Anyone who would like to harness the power of artificial intelligence and the latest AI tools to enhance their workflow, coding or day-to-day creative process. Maybe interested in five AI tools explained by the “Tiff In Tech” YouTube channel. Who considers the AI tools to be superior to ChatGPT in certain ways although they are not widely utilised at the moment in the same way ChatGPT has seen a huge growth in users this year. Check out the video below to learn more about the five AI tools that you can use to help improve your coding or workflow.

Amazing AI tools

“Top 5 AI Tools That Are BETTER Than ChatGPT, But Nobody is Using Them | Coding & Productivity Tools suggests that other artificial intelligence (AI) tools are superior to ChatGPT in certain ways, yet they are not widely utilized. The video aims to showcase these tools and their unique features that make them stand out from ChatGPT, a widely known and popular AI tool.”

AgentGPT autonomous AI agents

AgentGPT is an innovative platform that gives users the ability to design and launch Autonomous AI agents. This engaging platform allows users to customize their AI agent by assigning it a name and a goal. You will be pleased to know that the possibilities are vast and limited only by your imagination.

The ingenious process by which AgentGPT operates involves the strategic linking of language models or “agents.” Each agent is tasked with identifying the most effective tasks that will allow it to achieve its designated goal. Following task execution, the agent then evaluates its own performance, learning from the outcomes and continuously generating new tasks.

Ora AI personalized AI assistants

If you are wondering how to utilize AI in a more personal and interactive way, Ora AI has the answer. With Ora, you have the power to create your own AI companions, colloquially known as “Ora”. These AI companions offer the user an opportunity to utilize AI in various ways that are unique to each individual’s needs.

Whether you need a virtual friend, a language learning tool, a gaming partner, or even a customer support agent for your business, Ora’s personalized AI can fill the role. Ora AI is your gateway to the myriad possibilities that personalized AI companions can offer.

Cody AI your intelligent business assistant

Cody AI introduces a new paradigm in the world of AI assistants. Similar to ChatGPT, Cody possesses an additional feature that is particularly beneficial for businesses – it can be trained using your company’s unique knowledge base.

Think of Cody as a virtual employee, standing by to support your team. It can handle a variety of tasks such as answering questions, assisting with creative tasks, troubleshooting problems, and even brainstorming ideas.

Jasper AI content creator

Jasper AI brings a unique offering to the table by combining brand-specific customization with AI-powered content creation. Trained on your brand’s tone, style, and key facts about your business, Jasper allows you to maintain consistency in your brand messaging while benefiting from the efficiency of AI.

Harnessing a selection of the world’s leading AI models, Jasper AI optimizes its performance by choosing the most suitable model for each task. This means you can generate a whole marketing campaign in record time while keeping complete control over your brand’s message.

Literally Anything transform your ideas into reality

For those who dream big but lack coding skills, “Literally Anything” is an experimental AI tool that empowers users to create apps, games, widgets, or digital services. The unique selling point of this tool is that it requires no coding skills – only creativity and a vision.

With Literally Anything, you provide the tool with text prompts, and behind the scenes, ChatGPT and other technologies work to convert your prompts into functional digital services. It’s as simple as think, create, and enjoy.

Source: Tiff In Tech

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