With six weeks under our belt, the ChatGPT portfolio is still going strong, outperforming seven of the top 10 funds. The AI-crafted portfolio held its position, maintaining a solid fourth place. Deadlocked with last week’s gain of 7.21%, the ChatGPT portfolio is proving that AI has a seat at the table in the investment arena.

The star performer is still Tesla Inc TSLA, up an impressive 59% since we opened our position, while the weakest link is Nike Inc NKE, down 6.27%.

There are no changes to our positions all positions are being held for the duration of this six-month experiment.

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As we assess the results, it’s critical to maintain a long-term perspective. Remember, this is a six-month-long experiment. Investing is a marathon, not a sprint, and fluctuating leaderboards are par for the course.

The goal of this series isn’t to pitch AI as a replacement for human financial advisors but to explore AI’s potential as a tool to assist in investment decisions. ChatGPT, despite its sophistication, lacks the ability to process real-time data or assess individual financial circumstances.

While it’s certainly not a licensed financial advisor, our experiment enriches the conversation about AI’s place in finance.

Join Benzinga next Wednesday for another installment in the series, “Is ChatGPT A Better Financial Advisor?” We’re excited to see how week seven pans out for the AI-crafted portfolio.

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