• An AI startup teamed up with Caryn Marjorie to develop ‘virtual girlfriend’
  • Over 15,000 people on a waiting list to chat with CarynAI
  • ‘People can develop mentally relationships with AI devices’: Dating expert

(NewsNation) — Whether it’s truck driving, or writing a college exam, there is no denying that artificial intelligence is being pushed into many sectors of our lives. 

Now, AI appears to be venturing into a whole new terrain: Virtual lovers.

New AI startup Forever Voices AI teamed up with social media influencer Caryn Marjorie to develop a “virtual girlfriend.”

The CarynAI voice chatbot can have two-way audio conversations with Marjorie’s fans using her own voice. For just one dollar a minute, users can have phone calls with CarynAI, asking it whatever they want. 

In the first week of its launch, Caryn Marjorie’s AI clone made $72,000 for the influencer. Based on her subscription growth trajectory, Marjorie estimates she could bring in $5 million a month with CarynAI.

Marjorie, 23, is the first social media influencer to transform herself into AI.

The CarynAI voice chatbot uses a GPT-4 plugin from OpenAI and was trained on thousands of hours of Marjorie’s videos.  

The chatbot replicates the influencer’s personality, mannerisms and voice so followers can feel like they are speaking with the real person. 

Bela Gandhi, dating coach and founder of Smart Dating Academy, suspects this type of technology could be carving its own path while appealing to a spectrum of people. 

“I think people can develop, mentally and visually, relationships with AI devices or people,” Gandhi said. 

Forever Voices AI isn’t just stopping at CarynAI. It also has created chatbots with the voices of Steve Jobs, Taylor Swift and other celebrities. It’s embarking into new territory for human to AI interactions.

“Her (Marjorie) ethos is doing what I’m doing. I’m helping to cure loneliness. People want to talk to me, so why not? Let me talk to lots of them and make a lot of money while doing it,” Gandhi added. 

Marjorie is using AI technology to expand her social media reach. The influencer has over a billion views a month on her content.

Over 15,000 people on a waiting list to chat with her CarynAI.

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