• Amazon managers asked workers for ideas to leverage ChatGPT and other AI chatbots at work.
  • Some of those ideas were shared in an internal document titled, “Generative AI-ChatGPT Impact and Opportunity Analysis.”
  • It’s just one of the many behind-the-scenes efforts related to AI chatbots taking place at Amazon.

Amazon employees are in a rush to take advantage of the sudden rise of ChatGPT and similar AI technology.

One example of that frenzy: A leaked internal document that lists 67 use cases for ChatGPT and similar apps across a wide range of teams at Amazon.

The document, obtained by Insider, is titled “Generative AI-ChatGPT Impact and Opportunity Analysis.” The document was created after managers started asking employees to come up with ideas for how to use AI chatbot technology to improve their products and workflow, Insider has learned.

The document is a testament to all behind-the-scenes work Amazon is doing to address the sudden rise of ChatGPT and other AI chatbot apps, as Insider previously reported. 

Amazon employees want to use the AI chatbot to auto-generate software code and marketing materials, according to the document. Salespeople could use it to quickly scour financial reports from Amazon and its competitors to find their strategic goals, it said.

Some of the ideas mentioned in the document are already in the prototyping stage. Those include a security-automation tool and an engineering app that can quickly answer questions related to the Amazon Web Services cloud products.

It also suggested a ChatGPT-type search bar for Amazon shoppers that “can explain pros and cons between brands and cite and summarize user reviews.” Amazon later posted job openings that suggested a major overhaul of its search bar, Bloomberg previously reported.

An Amazon representative told Insider the company had been using machine learning and artificial intelligence for more than 25 years in “virtually everything we do.”

“Amazon is leading the industry in AI by every meaningful measure, and our AWS machine learning business has the most customers, partners, and capabilities of any cloud,” the representative added in an email. “Though still in its very early days, we are investing in generative AI across all of our businesses and have a significant number of unique capabilities that we already offer or that we’re working hard to bring to customers in the near future.”

Amazon employees are even planning to use ChatGPT for a main part of Amazon’s decision-making process, called PRFAQ. When pitching a new idea, Amazon requires employees to write a hypothetical press release and FAQ announcement describing the offering, and some staff suggested ChatGPT could speed up that process.

It’s unclear whether Amazon will permit that. Amazon lawyers have previously warned employees to judiciously use ChatGPT at work. While the use of the AI chatbot is permitted, staff members are barred from sharing confidential information with ChatGPT, such as internal emails or source code. The same rules apply to the new Microsoft Bing search engine that uses ChatGPT’s technology, an internal document said. Some managers said they even receive real-time alerts when employees use the chatbot on a work computer.

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