Securing funding has always been a painstaking process for entrepreneurs. Hours spent crafting a compelling business plan, showcasing products, and mapping out the trajectory can often feel like a complete waste of time when it fails to impress investors. However, a game-changing solution has emerged: GPT-4.

OpenAI’s latest large language model not only saves time in creating a pitch deck but also has the potential to be a highly lucrative option, as new research indicates. In a fascinating development, 20% of investors pledged over $10,000 into ventures pitched by GPT-4, surpassing human presentations.

Clarify Capital, a prominent finance platform, partnered with GPT-4 to create pitch decks using provided prompts. These decks were then presented to a diverse group of 500 investors and business owners. The participants were unaware that some of the pitch decks were generated by artificial intelligence.

Man vs machine: The outcome

The study revealed that machine-generated pitch decks consistently outperformed their human counterparts in terms of quality, thoroughness, and clarity. A staggering 80% of respondents found the GPT-4 decks compelling, while only 39% felt the same way about the human-created decks.

What’s more, GPT-4-presented ventures were twice as convincing to investors and business owners compared to those backed by human-made pitch decks. In an even more astonishing revelation, GPT-4 proved to be more successful in securing funding in the creative industries than in the tech industry, defying assumptions that machine learning could not match human creativity due to its lack of life experience and emotions.

How does it compare across industries?

While GPT-4 generated pitch decks resonated well with investors and business owners across the board, the researchers sought to determine whether certain industries saw more success with AI assistance. Clarify Capital examined the tech, financial, and marketing sectors and found that GPT-4 decks consistently outperformed human-created decks in each industry.

In the finance sector, investors and business owners were 88% more likely to find GPT-4 decks convincing than those crafted by humans. This percentage dropped to 70% in the tech industry. Surprisingly, even in the marketing industry where top creatives thrive, GPT-4 emerged as the winner. Investors and business owners were 73% more likely to find GPT-4 generated pitch decks convincing than those produced by marketing professionals.

Remarkably, respondents believed that GPT-4-created marketing pitch decks were of higher quality (75% compared to 32%), more worthy of imitation (70% compared to 25%), and more likely to secure investment (35% versus 12% for human-made decks).

The implications are clear: entrepreneurs aiming to captivate investors should reconsider writing their own pitch decks. The advent of GPT-4 has unveiled a groundbreaking opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence for superior results, disrupting the traditional approach to securing funding.

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