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Job hunting is tedious, but sometimes AI can help make it a little easier. Resoume is an AI-assistant resume writer that can help you craft professional-quality resumes, cover letters, and CVs in a fraction of the time it could take you on your own. Right now, a lifetime subscription to this AI resume writer is $39.99 (reg. $180).

You can use AI to craft you application materials

ATS filters might be the reason your applications haven’t been picked up in the past, but Resoume may be able to help you get past them. Resoume connects with your LinkedIn to import your personal information into pre-built resume template. You can edit them as much as you want once the AI generates them, but it does some of the hard parts for you. You can also use the AI writing assistant to help you refine your language, but make sure to read things over before submitting.

Resoume also offers helpful tools for things like creating your own website that can connect all your application materials. For example, you can use Resoume’s CV helper, then upload it to your website so there’s one unified hub where potential employers can see your qualifications. It also lets you check the analytics of your site and applications so you can see how many visitors you’ve had.

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To use the AI, you have to spend AI credits, and your subscription gives you 5,000 of them. Generating one word costs one credit, while using the CV analysis might cost more. You can use Resoume’s AI Assistant Resumé Writer on sale for $39.99 (though prices may change at any time).


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