• The app has a sleek, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.
  • You can access your chat history even when you’re offline.
  • The app syncs your chat history across all of your devices, allowing you to pick up where you left off, no matter where you are.

OpenAI revolutionised the AI landscape with the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, igniting an intense race of technological advancements. Building on this momentum, OpenAI unveiled the ChatGPT iOS app in 2023, packed with a host of exceptional features. We delve into the capabilities that set the ChatGPT iOS app apart from its website counterpart, and detail how it can provide a transformative AI experience for iPhone users.

Voice Input

Voice input, one of the most highly-anticipated features since the launch of ChatGPT, is now available in the iOS app. OpenAI has introduced Whisper, their open-source speech recognition system, making it the first time voice input is accessible on iOS devices.

The advantages of voice input are numerous, especially when combined with the advanced capabilities of an AI-powered chatbot like ChatGPT. It allows users to engage in conversations while multitasking, using their voice. Voice input offers significant benefits such as faster and less tedious communication compared to typing lengthy texts. It eliminates the need for punctuation and spelling, resulting in a more natural and human-like conversation. Additionally, it promotes inclusivity by providing equal access to individuals with physical impairments that limit their hand usage.

Using voice input in the app is simple. Just tap the microphone icon in the Message bar to start recording. To stop recording, tap anywhere in the blue area, and the app will automatically convert your words into text. Finally, tap the blue arrow to send your message.

Enhanced interface and accessibility

Accessing the ChatGPT website is a cumbersome process. It requires you to open a browser, launch the site and log in before use. The ChatGPT iOS app eliminates this lengthy process by providing instant access with a single touch. It functions like any other app, conveniently available on your device.In addition to enhancing accessibility, the app offers a sleek interface and clean layout, ensuring a convenient user experience. Upon opening the app, you are immediately presented with the chatbot interface, without the need to navigate through multiple tabs or pages. All the features are easily visible and accessible.

The app’s simplistic design enables users of all age groups to start using it effortlessly, without the need for extensive learning or practice.

Choose your preferred language for speech

In addition to voice input, which already sets ChatGPT ahead in the AI race, another feature has been introduced to solidify its superiority. Users can now use speech as a means of interacting with ChatGPT, and what’s even more impressive is that this functionality supports over 35 different languages, with more language options expected to be added over time.

Haptic feedback

For iPhone users, the inclusion of haptics in the app provides enhanced interaction and innovative experience. Not only can haptic feedback be used for important notifications and alerts, replacing visual prompts, but it also serves as a valuable accessibility feature for individuals with visual and auditory impairments. These users heavily rely on touch as their primary means of communication, and haptic feedback assists them in navigating and interacting with the app through tactile prompts.

Access history when offline

The chat history feature on OpenAI’s website and app allows users to access their past conversations. However, only the app enables offline viewing of chat history, meaning you can access it without an internet connection.When using the website, if you’re not connected to the internet, you cannot log in or view past conversations beyond their titles in the sidebar. Messages will not load even if the chatbot is open. In contrast, the ChatGPT app offers a convenient solution. By tapping the menu icon on the home page and selecting History from the menu, you can view the titles of previous conversations. Even without an internet connection, selecting a conversation will load the entire conversation on your screen.

Moreover, the ChatGPT app synchronises chat history across compatible Apple devices, such as iPads, allowing you to access your conversations from anywhere. Additionally, both the website and app provide the option to delete your ChatGPT history.

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