If the artificial intelligence hypebeasts are to be believed, ChatGPT-styled large language models are on the cusp of radically altering the global workforce, gutting entire industries, and, quite possibly, eliminating life on earth as we know it. Just don’t ask it to prepare you a basic meal or a palatable cocktail.

Chefs and taste testers at World Of Vegan learned this lesson the hard way after testing more than 100 different spring recipes, date night dishes, and dessert ideas created by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The results were “hilariously pitiful,” one chef said. Out of the dozens of recipes churned out, only one dish, cauliflower tacos, were deemed “successful” by World of Vegan’s team of chefs.

Many of the other failed dishes sound fine at first glance, but after a quick analysis, the chefs found numerous examples of situations where ingredients clashed or where cooked dishes wound up a soggy, nasty mess. A simple spring veggie wrap generated by ChatGPT, for example, ended up looking more like last night’s dinner after a brutal hangover. Oven-baked chocolate cupcakes, meanwhile, somehow looked wound up looking like a deep crater caused an errant bombing run.

The sudden rise of advanced large language models to the mainstream in recent years has revealed how, in many areas, AI and software are outpacing robotics. Ironically, that doesn’t seem to be the case in food service. Rudimentary robots can already flip burgers and help assemble more complicated meals in the physical world while ChatGPT fails to put together beginner-level dishes.

“I imagine specially-programmed robots can cook up chef-created, Michelin Star-worthy meals, no problem,” World of Vegan Founder & CEO Michelle Cehn told Gizmodo. “However, when it comes to generating sensible—let alone innovative and delectable—recipes, the technology proved to be too immature in its development to consistently achieve our desired results.”

Chatbots aren’t entirely useless when it comes to food. The model can, in a pinch, help brainstorm a dish if you give it a handful of ingredients you happen to have on hand since the model is essentially predicting the most likely combinations of those individual elements. On the other hand, AI’s tendency to simply make shit up seemingly out of whole cloth could leave hungry users sorely disappointed. Oh, and don’t expect it to properly fill out your grocery list either.

“It may be okay, and even entertaining, to use ChatGPT to help whip up a recipe,” World of Vegan Blog assistant and taste tester Erin Wysocars said. “[But] be warned that it may still flop and those ingredients you wanted to save may turn into garbage anyway. May your stomach rumble and empty fridge serve as the lesson here!”

“For recipes, ChatGPT is a tool, but should not be the tool for finding human-generated and tested recipes,” Wysocars added.

Keep reading to see some of ChatGPT’s terrible concoctions. Recipes for each dish are included, should you dare tempt fate.

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