TL;DR: You can find free Midjourney courses on Udemy. Learn how to generate stunning images, boost your business, and so much more with help from artificial intelligence.

You’ve probably heard about Midjourney, or maybe you’ve seen something that the program has produced on your timeline. The results are pretty impressive.

Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence service that produces images from natural language descriptions called prompts. If you’re looking to get an insight into how you can make the most of this technology, you can take a wide range of online courses on Midjourney with Udemy. Better yet, some of these highly-rated courses are available for free.

These are the best online Midjourney courses you can take for free as of June 1:

These free courses include unlimited access to all the video content, so you can enroll and start learning at your own pace. The only catch with free courses is that you miss out on things like a certificate of completion or direct messaging with the instructor. However, you do have the option to upgrade for a small fee and get your hands on that all-important certificate of completion.

Master Midjourney with Udemy.

Upgrade to the best paid Midjourney courses

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