This is a new AI camera that looks that looks like a camera that has had a TV aerial stuffed where the lens should be. Called the Paragraphica, is able to take AI-generated pictures using its geolocation, the time, and the weather – without any need for you to input these text prompts. It doesn’t need to see the scene – but uses generative AI to create the image.

The control the user has over the result comes from the three dials on top of the camera. “The first dial behaves similarly to the focal length in an optical lens but instead controls the radius (meters) of the area the camera searches for places and data. The second dial is comparable to film grain, as the value between 0.1 and 1 produces a noise seed for the AI image diffusion process”, we are told. 

Three dials allow the “photographer” to influence the generative AI image (Image credit: Bjorn Karmann)

“The third dial controls the guidance scale. Increasing guidance makes the AI follow the paragraph more closely. In the analogy of a traditional camera, the higher the value, the “sharper,” and the lower, the “blurrier” the photo, thus representing focus”.


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