Developed by iOS engineer Brett Bauman, PlaylistAI originally debuted as LineupSupply. It was designed with only one purpose — to turn a photo of a music festival poster into a Spotify playlist of the performers’ songs. Users could either take a photo of the poster, upload a photo, or select a photo from the app’s preset collection. LineupSupply would then read the text from the poster and automatically curate a playlist that users can listen to get a feel of the kind of songs the artists in the lineup sing.

In early 2023, Bauman relaunched the app as PlaylistAI, an upgraded version that integrated the popular OpenAI GPT-3 technology. From simple text extraction, PlaylistAI comes with additional features, such as playlist creation from AI prompts, TikTok videos, and the users’ listening history. The app supports Apple Music on top of Spotify, as well.

If you’re not an iOS user but still want to test out PlaylistAI, there’s also a ChatGPT plugin you can try. The plugin adds your ChatGPT-generated playlist straight to your Spotify account, and all you need to do is click the link in the ChatGPT’s reply to your prompt. However, plugins are only available in the ChatGPT Plus version, so you’ll need to upgrade first if you haven’t already. The plugin itself is also subscription-based but will produce free playlists for you in the beginning.

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