Kickstart your projects and ideas into reality using AI technology to catapult you into action. An AI art generator may seem futuristic in 2022, but in 2023 these tools have already made their mark in the art world.

What is the overall conversation regarding AI-generated art?

Some AI-generated pieces have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. This has sparked a lively debate about the role of AI in art and whether it has the potential to replace human artists.

What are the feelings of experienced artists towards AI-generated art?

Most professionals in the field of art agree that AI-generated art should not be seen as a replacement for human creativity. Instead, it should be viewed as a tool to enhance and augment the creative process. This is because the essence of art lies in its uniqueness and personal touch. The ability to interpret and convey emotions and ideas through one’s lens makes art captivating and distinctive.

What is the verdict on AI-generated art?

While AI can undoubtedly produce impressive results, it cannot replicate the human experience and perspective essential to creating significant and impactful art. Therefore, the most effective approach is to use AI to complement, rather than replace, human creativity. By utilizing practical AI tools, one can accomplish better results in less time and save valuable time, money and resources.

This article will delve into the top 5 free AI Art tools you can use to create stunning images using AI technology.

Canva is an Australian global multi-national graphic design platform launched in 2012 used to create social media graphics and presentations.

From November 2022, Canva allowed its users to generate text and images with AI. With this magic new feature, you can turn your imagination into reality by watching your words transform into stunning, one-of-a-kind images.

Canva’s Text-to-Image feature has generated 60 million images over the past months. As a result, the company said they’d increased the resolution of images generated by Text to Image by 16x while reducing generation speed by 68%.

Screenshot of the Canva desktop web browser.

I tried the Text to Image feature in Canva, and I’m pleased with it. The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, especially for beginners.

I used the prompt “dog in space.”

The interface for the Text to Image App in Canva

In February 2023, Microsoft announced the integration of its next-gen OpenAI model with Bing and Microsoft Edge.

OpenAI has received a significant investment of almost 10 billion dollars from Microsoft, signifying the beginning of a long-term strategic partnership that will showcase Bing’s impressive AI capabilities.

According to Microsoft, The latest next-gen natural language AI model designed for web searching will power Bing. Microsoft Bing’s AI model is built upon the advancements made on ChatGPT and GPT-3.5, resulting in faster and more dependable search results.

The Bing Image Creator operates similarly to other tools on this list. Input your prompt and click “Create” to generate images. The results are satisfactory, and you can create more authentic art pieces by comprehensively describing your photos.

Screenshot of the Bing desktop web browser.

I used the prompt “dog in space.”

The interface for the Text to Image in Bing
The interface for the Text to Image in Bing

Launched in November 2011, Picsart is a technology company with Armenian-American roots, headquartered in Miami, Florida, and Yerevan, Armenia. They focus on developing an online photo and video editing suite and a social, creative community.

Picsart is a popular mobile application used for photo editing and designing. It provides an AI-powered image generator that can be accessed through a free account. In addition, the app offers a remarkable range of tools worth exploring.

Screenshot of the Picsart desktop web browser.

I used the prompt “dog in space.”

The interface for the Text to Image in Picsart
The interface for the Text to Image in Picsart

In 2022, Dall’e Mini (also known as Dalle Mini) caused considerable sensation as one of the earliest AI art generator options. Many people use it to create entertaining images. As it gained popularity, the creators developed their free tool into a separate platform called Craiyon.

It is a simpler version of the original DALLĀ·E model. Although it is not as advanced as the more recent art generators, it is a free and enjoyable tool to experiment with.

Screenshot of the CRAIYON desktop web browser.

I used the prompt “dog in space.”

The interface for the Text to Image in Craiyon

NightCafe Creator was founded by Angus Russell in November 2019 from the spare bedroom of his tiny semi-detached house in Sydney’s Inner-West. As of October 2022, over 35 million AI-generated artworks have been created on the platform.

“NightCafe,” pays tribute to one of our most beloved artists, Vincent Van Gogh. The painting that inspired them was “The Night Cafe,” which you can see here.

The Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh
Screenshot of the NightCafe desktop web browser.

I used the prompt “dog in space.”

The interface for the Text to Image in NightCafe
The interface for the Text to Image in NightCafe

Most methods of art creation require a skill. They must be learned and practised; you only experience that satisfaction with talent.

With the help of AI tools, even those without advanced artistic skills can enjoy the satisfaction, therapy, and excitement of producing exceptional and personalized artwork.

Contrary to what many believe, AI in art is not here to make artists redundant. It’s here to make art creation accessible to the masses.

Machine learning in the art scene is exploding. AI-powered art generators are leading the way in making these cutting-edge technologies accessible to anyone with an internet connection, even beyond the realm of expert hackers.

We discussed the following AI Art Generators in this article






I hope you create something new today; I enjoyed researching these tools. This article highlights several great AI text-to-image generators, each with unique strengths.

However, despite their ability to produce seemingly authentic results, they still lack elements only human artists can provide, such as creativity, emotion, and a distinct personal style.


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