arms | body parts | cyborg | robotic | video |  May 14, 2023

Developed at the University of Tokyo’s Information Somatics Inami Laboratory as part of its JIZAI-Bodies (digital cyborgs) project, JIZAI-arms are a “supernumerary robotic limb system” for humans to wear. Its backpack has sockets for attaching up to six robotic arms. That’s cool, but you really only need four more to become a human spider.

The creators say the wearer can control the arms via AI, but the specifics are vague, leading me to speculate if they have any more practical application than use in interpretive dance, as seen in the video. Don’t get me wrong, that’s neat, but it isn’t exactly going to remove the lids from hard-to-open pickle jars.

The arms were actually designed to “enable social interaction between multiple wearers, such as an exchange of arm(s), and explore possible interactions between digital cyborgs in a cyborg society.” Ah, so they designed more to explore social interactions and less to be able to carry a couch by yourself. That’s a shame because none of my friends have responded back about helping me move next weekend.

[via TechEBlog]


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