AI Artist Imagines Indian Actors As 'Old Men'. Here's How They Look

These AI-generated pictures took the internet by storm.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools have become popular on social media and several artists are now using them to come up with fascinating results. AI has become so advanced that people can generate all sorts of images without putting a lot of effort into it, sometimes imagining how things would look in the future. Now, an artist used an artificial intelligence program to reimagine famous Indian actors from both Bollywood and the South Indian film industry as elderly men and the results have surprised many on the internet.

Artist SK MD Abu Sahid shared 10 pictures that show what these award-winning artists would look like once they are older. The post features Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Prabhas, Shahid Kapoor, Allu Arjun, Akshay Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and Mahesh Babu. 

In the now-viral post, almost all the actors are seen with white beards and puffy eyes, representing dark circles. Their skin looks saggy and Salman Khan and Prabhas are even seen donning glasses. 

These AI-generated pictures took the internet by storm and many users were left amazed. “AI imagines actors as old men,” he wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. Since being shared two days ago, the post has amassed over 46,000 likes and 400 comments.

“Hritik look like Ranbir Kapoor,” said a user.

“Meanwhile Anil Kapoor’s case : error 404,” added another user.

A third person commented, “Only Salman Khan, Prabhas & Akshay Kumar are recognisable…”

“Shahid kapoor looks like Rajkumar Rao,” remarked a person.

“Why SRK is looking like Imran Khan,” said an internet user.

“Akshay looking more cooler than now,” added a user.

“Hrithik Roshan somewhat looks like the role of sweeper he played in Dhoom 2,” remarked another user.

Another person said, “Ranbir looks like sanjay dutt.”

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