Smart doorbell cameras are a great way to boost your home security, track package deliveries, and greet visitors when you’re out of town. Of the many video-capable options on the market, battery-powered models are the easiest to install since they don’t need hardwiring. Better still, they can be positioned just about anywhere.

Ring, Google, and Arlo make some of the most popular battery-powered video doorbells on the market, but many other options exist. To help you make the right selection, we’ve done the hard yards and have selected the top eight smart doorbells that don’t need wired power.

Our favorite smart doorbells that don’t require wired power in 2023

Grey and black Arlo smart doorbell camera

Source: Arlo

Arlo Essential

Best overall

The smart doorbell that’s fit for any home

The Arlo Essential offers an unusually wide field of view – a full 180 degrees – so you can see more of what’s at your door. It’s imperfect, but the long-lasting battery, good-quality video, and plentiful features are impossible to ignore.


  • Wide 180-degree viewing angle
  • Good battery life
  • AI differentiates between pets and people

  • Useless without subscription
  • Some rivals offer sharper video
  • No native support for Apple HomeKit

The Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell is easy to mount and packed with features, making it one of the most complete doorbells on the market. We love that the camera’s ultra-wide 180-degree field of view and 1:1 aspect ratio delivers a head-to-toe picture of what’s on your doorstep. Spotted a porch pirate? The remotely-triggered siren might just scare them away.

Video quality is generally good, and notifications arrive like a phone call, making it easy to chat with visitors. Arlo’s AI does a decent job differentiating between people, pets, and packages, but you’ll need to subscribe to an Arlo Secure plan (from $5 a month) to access advanced features and cloud recording.

Google Assistant and Alexa integration are both poor. Echo Show smart displays do not offer a preview unless you explicitly ask for it, while Google Assistant doesn’t even make an announcement when someone rings the doorbell. Battery life, however, is good. We found that the easily-removable 6500mAh power pack lasted a month with motion detection turned on. Minor annoyances aside, the Arlo’s innovative features and reliable performance make it a no-brainer.


Ring Video Doorbell 4

Premium pick

A tried and true doorbell from the leading brand

The Ring 4 does a fine job of tracking motion and treats users to some ritzy features. Video quality is good, and the Ring ecosystem is growing fast, but the lack of Google Assistant integration could be a turn-off for some.


  • Excellent image quality
  • Clever features like Pre-Roll
  • Optional solar charger

  • Neighbors app is a privacy concern
  • Narrow vertical field of view
  • No real Google Assistant support

The Ring Video Doorbell 4 is a great option in Amazon’s smart home line-up. We were impressed by its clear 1080p HD video and clever Pre-Roll feature, which lets users see four seconds of video before a motion event is triggered (Ring Protect subscription required). Installation takes a few minutes, and the quick-release battery only needs charging every few months. Users can extend the battery life by splashing out on Ring’s Solar Charger accessory (sold separately).

As you might expect, Alexa is well-supported, but there’s no meaningful Google Assistant support. Access to Neighbors, a crime-watch social networking app, is included but some civil liberties groups have raised concerns about the way that footage is shared. You can opt out of it if you feel uncomfortable.

Blink Video Doorbell

Blink Video Doorbell

Best value

The best budget smart doorbell

$59 $85 Save

This Blink model includes a solid set of features, night vision, and an eye-catching price tag. The 2-year battery life is also a huge draw, but the video quality is average at best. Just don’t expect any AI frills.


  • No subscription required
  • Great features for the money
  • Outstanding 2-year battery life

  • Video and sound quality
  • Requires Sync Module
  • No Google Assistant integration

Want something cheap and cheerful? The Blink’s smart doorbell camera is super-affordable and doesn’t require a paid monthly subscription; slot a USB stick into the Sync Module, and you can record video events for free. It runs on two AA batteries and uses standby mode to conserve charge, for an impressive 2-year battery life. Fitting the doorbell is no problem; it snaps onto a plate mounted to the wall using the provided anchors. You even get a small tool to securely release it.

Inevitably, a few compromises must be made at this price point. Although the video resolution is 1080p, it’s not the best quality we’ve seen. The field of view – 135 degrees horizontally and 85 degrees vertically – is perfectly adequate for the money. You might even notice some lag between the time that the ringer is pressed and when the notification arrives on your phone, but it’s not a deal-breaker. Overall, the Blink delivers all the basics and more – at a fraction of the cost of premium rivals. It’s a great choice for those who don’t want to break the bank.


Wyze Pro

Features galore

Great spec; one or two drawbacks

The Wyze Pro is a good battery-powered smart doorbell with a base station and a chime. The built-in motion-sensitive security light is a nice extra, too. However, some may find the irremovable battery inconvenient.


  • Stuffed with features
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Relatively affordable

  • Battery charging inconvenient
  • No Apple HomeKit support
  • No built-in security alarm

The Wyze Pro offers a better-than-HD (1440p) video camera with a 150-degree vertical and 150-degree horizontal viewing angle. This provides a clear, expansive view of your entryway. There’s also an 80dB speaker for two-way audio, a chime module, and a built-in security light. It mounts to a backplate that is screwed to the wall, so installation is a piece of cake.

Access to this doorbell’s advanced features – e.g. cloud recording – requires a subscription. But there’s good news: Wyze Cam Plus plans start at a very reasonable $2 a month. The major downside to the Wyze Pro is the battery. It’s not removable, so you’ll have to run a cable to the doorbell for charging (or take the doorbell off the wall). Wyze claims an average battery life of six months, depending on usage, so you will have to replenish it pretty often. Assuming you can put up with having no doorbell from time to time, the Wyze is a great option that delivers serious bang for your buck.

Google Nest Doorbell Gen 2

Google Nest Doorbell

Stylish design

The perfect choice for Google fans

$130 $180 Save

Google has poured cutting-edge AI into a stylish doorbell to great effect. Set-up is easy and Google Home users are well-catered for. Sadly, it’s not cheap and advanced features require a subscription.


  • Sleek design
  • 3 hours of free video storage
  • Pixel phone-friendly

  • Hardwired sibling has better spec
  • No optional chime
  • iOS users miss out on features

Google’s Nest doorbell, available in a range of trendy finishes, wouldn’t look out of place in the pages of a glossy interiors magazine. It’s arguably the smartest smart doorbell on our list thanks to its facial and sound recognition (identifies noises like smoke alarms and breaking glass) tech. The 3:4 vertically-orientated camera provides a great head-to-toe view of visitors, but it’s worth noting that the wired version enjoys an even wider horizontal viewing angle (160 degrees vs. 145 degrees).

The Nest works beautifully with the Google Home app, and you can even use your smart speaker as a doorbell chime. Pixel owners can also check their doorbell feed via At a Glance, without having to open the app. Note that a Nest Aware subscription (from $6 a month) is needed for features beyond the three hours of free event video history. Battery life is another key call-out; this doorbell’s battery can be expected to last up to 2.5 months, based on 13 to 16 recorded events per day. Google Nest is a real contender, but if you don’t need the facial recognition tech, better-value doorbells are available.

Ring Doorbell Camera 2nd Generation on white background

Source: Ring

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)

A true classic

The best-value Ring doorbell

You can find a Ring 2 in almost every neighborhood in America nowadays – and for a good reason. The video is clear, the performance is snappy, and the features are generous for the money. The design isn’t the sleekest, though.


  • Clear video
  • Customizable motion detection
  • Can be both battery-powered and hardwired

  • App slow at times
  • Narrow vertical field of view
  • No detailed alerts

Ring’s best-selling video doorbell features package detection and a Full HD camera that captures clear video. If you are too busy to come to the door, you can set up pre-recorded messages and ask visitors to leave replies. The camera’s 90-degree vertical field of view is a tad narrow but still very impressive for the price.

Ring’s tried-and-tested app will provide access to many advanced features, such as customizable detection zones and event filters. A subscription is required, but prices are relatively affordable – from $4 monthly for up to 180 days of video history. Like the Ring 4, the Ring 2 can be battery-powered or hardwired. The battery life is said to be 6 to 12 months, based on 3 to 5 events per day, which isn’t too shabby. The Ring 2 does lack the Pre-Roll feature found on the pricier Ring 4, but if you’re on the hunt for a reasonably-priced video doorbell from a trusted brand, we can recommend the Ring 2.

Aosu wireless doorbell camera on a white background

Source: AOSU

AOSU Wireless Doorbell Camera

Pin-sharp video

The best subscription-free video doorbell

The ASOU captures razor-sharp footage and doesn’t require a monthly subscription, making it an attractive fee-free option. It’s just a shame the functionality isn’t as polished as it should be.


  • Razor-sharp images
  • No monthly fee
  • Three sensors to reduce false alarms

  • Inconsistent app
  • Laggy audio
  • No Google Home support

The AOSU doorbell aims to deliver premium features at a relatively affordable price. The 5MP Ultra HD camera is the main attraction, which offers a good head-to-toe view of visitors. Other strengths include customizable motion detection and a HomeBase hub that stores up to 60 days of recordings on its 8GB memory (removing the need for any monthly subscription fees). The device’s battery life is claimed to be 180 days, so regular maintenance will be minuscule.

Downsides? Well, the app isn’t as polished as we’d like, with some users reporting motion sensor glitches and others bemoaning its laggy two-way audio. However, if you’re in the market for a high-tech doorbell that doesn’t require a monthly subscription, the AOSU could be for you.

Eufy Security Video Doorbell and doorbell chime

Eufy Security Video Doorbell

Two cameras

The smart doorbell with dual cameras

There is much to like about the Eufy, especially because it boasts two cameras for a better view of packages left on your doorstep. No subscription is required, but security issues could be a concern for some.


  • 2K main camera
  • Second camera for packages
  • Free video storage

  • Potential security issues
  • Irremovable battery
  • No HomeKit support

Simplicity is sometimes best, and that’s what you get with Eufy’s smart doorbell. Screw-mounting the device is straightforward, and there’s no need for any monthly subscription since video is stored locally on the included 16GB hub. The irremovable battery, however, means you’ll need to take the doorbell down whenever charging is required (every 6 months or so), which could be a bit of a nuisance for some.

Another thing to bear in mind: Anker, Eufy’s parent company, has admitted that its products don’t always use end-to-end encryption when transmitting recorded video footage. In theory, this could make it easier for a stranger to hack into your doorbell’s camera feed. That aside, the device’s unique dual-camera design is a real eye-catcher.

Which battery-powered smart doorbell is best for you?

The vast majority of battery-powered video doorbells cover basics, such as two-way audio, night vision, and motion sensors. However, that’s often where the similarities end. Whether it’s a unique design or cool AI-powered functionality, there’s a smart doorbell to suit every buyer and every budget.

The Ring 2 is a great all-rounder at a great price, while the more expensive Ring 4 offers some of the company’s latest and greatest AI. All Ring doorbells require a subscription, or you won’t be able to record any video events, so you may want to factor that into your decision.

The Blink is a no-frills option that will appeal to those who demand value for money. Its video quality is just okay, but it’s super-affordable. The Google Nest doorbell has every bell and whistle you could want, and its artful design will surely win you admiring glances. But it might not be the best choice for those outside the Google Home ecosystem. Don’t want to have to shell out any monthly fees? This will limit your options, but we’d consider the ASOU, which stores up to 60 days of recordings on its 8GB memory.

Finally, there’s the Arlo Essential, our stand-out pick. This high-end, feature-packed, long-lasting smart doorbell is one of the more expensive options, but we think it’s worth every cent. The built-in security features are great, and the 180-degree field of view gives it some serious wow factor.


Arlo Essential Video Doorbell

Best overall

The Arlo Essential offers an unusually wide field of view – a full 180 degrees – so you can see more of what’s at your door. It’s imperfect, but the long-lasting battery, good-quality video, and plentiful features are impossible to ignore.

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