After months of rumors and speculation surrounding Google’s hardware plans for 2023, it’s finally time for a grand debut. Google I/O is set for this Wednesday, where we’ll get an in-depth look at Android 14, plenty of talk about AI, and of course, all sorts of new hardware to get excited about. It’s also a truncated event, taking place over just one day rather than spread throughout a week. That should make it easier to watch, so we want to know if you’ll be tuning in.


Let’s focus on hardware. We already know the Pixel Fold will be there thanks to this week’s tease on social media. That said, there’s plenty to learn about Google’s first foldable, including pricing and a release date. It remains to be seen whether Google will manage to undercut its competition, or if we’ll be looking at another foldable that costs nearly $2,000. Either way, you’ll want to keep your wallet next to you during the keynote.

We’re also expecting to see the Pixel 7a, potentially with a day-and-date release that allows shoppers to buy one right after I/O wraps up. Google’s last midrange device has remained an unbeatable deal, so to say we’re excited would be an understatement. There’s also the Pixel Tablet, which seems due for a follow-up announcement following last year’s unveiling. And who knows — if history is any indication, we could even see an early tease for the Pixel 8 before its own arrival later this fall.

It’s not just about hardware though. Expect plenty of details surrounding Android 14, along with the expected launch of its second beta that, with any luck, will be a lot less buggy than its first. Google’s also certainly going to focus on the hottest topic in tech right now: AI. After a rocky start for Bard earlier this year, this is the company’s next chance to impress its users with the future of search, even as Microsoft continues to win over fans with Bing.

Enough speculation — we want to know if you’ll be checking out I/O this week. With the entire schedule condensed into one day, it’s easy enough to catch all of your favorite talks throughout Wednesday. Or, if you’re just into the hardware side of things, the main keynote might be all you need. Either way, Android Police will have you covered with all the news that comes out of this year’s event.


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