This week Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign continued to fail, ChatGPT wrote a romance story starring Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles, and one heroic Florida woman got arrested for throwing a drink in Matt Gaetz’s face. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Vasilios Filippakis had a seat.

Sam Smith marked the spot.

Elliott Norris travled to Tel Aviv.

Johnny Sibilly got on the ground.

Johnny Massaro went to the beach.

Henry Jimenez Kerbox drove down the coast.

Sandro Farmhouse checked himself out.

Colin Grafton got some sun.

Yasser Marta gave thigh.

David Howland got out of the car.

Tyler Lepley stood in the ocean.

Maluma wound down.

Derek Chadwick went to the lake.

Heath Thorpe stayed Belgium.

Sion Agami picked flowers.

Jordan Torres assembled a chair.

Alvise Rigo read a book.

Jack Harlow dropped an album.

Justin the Jock bought some new undies.

And Amini Fonua cleaned his room.


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