What better way to commemorate the greatest work of science fiction than with some science fiction of our own?! These imaginary (fictitious) timepieces were created using Midjourney’s AI art generator (science). Every year, on the fourth of May, sci-fi aficionados celebrate Star Wars Day. The day, colloquially referred to as “May the Fourth be with you” is a play on Han Solo’s iconic dialogue “May the force be with you”. To celebrate this uniquely pop-cultural moment in time, we have some timepieces that take inspiration from various characters in the movie. Each timepiece, whether a wristwatch,  pocket watch, table-clock, or wall-clock was created using Midjourney’s latest versions 5 and 5.1. The prompts were rather simple, to generate ceramic luxury watches (the one above looks exquisite) based on the Star Wars characters. The one on top is obviously an homage to the Storm trooper. It seems a little too literal, but I love the slight cloudy transparency and self-reflection of the ceramic surfaces. The watch, for some reason, has a ceramic strap too, but no harm, no foul. There’s no way this was designed to be real! Scroll down to check out some more.

Designer: Sarang Sheth (via Midjourney)

Just like the Stormtrooper wristwatch, these Darth Vader-themed watches put the iconic Sith lord’s helmet front and center. There’s just a wonderfully light use of gold against the watch’s black ceramic body, making it stand out. The helmet’s 3D depth is a lot on both watches, resulting in something looking incredibly chunky, but I don’t see myself complaining. The only true complaint I had was that I wanted a skeleton watch and the AI didn’t understand what I meant and kept making skull shapes!

Below is yet another example of a Stormtrooper-themed watch. Even though by sheer accident, this time the AI didn’t incorporate the Stormtrooper helmet into the watch face, but instead made a blurred helmet in the background. The result is a rather pristine-looking watch with the Stormtrooper color palette, a date window, and three subdials.

I tried my absolute best to get a Millennium Falcon-shaped watch, but no matter how much I played with the prompt (using even images to coax the AI), the results weren’t satisfactory. The AI image below, however, is the closest I got to something even remotely acceptable. This Millennium Falcon-themed watch may not have the spaceship’s iconic silhouette, but it definitely gets the Falcon’s surface treatment right. The Millennium Falcon has a rather unusual surface, comprising multiple panels welded and riveted together. This chaotic build is visible in the Millennium Falcon watch below as well, with one of the most dramatic watch faces I’ve seen in a while.

The pocket watch below might just be my favorite from this series. It doesn’t take an expert to realize this brass pocket watch is based on the lovable humanoid C3PO. The watch’s vintage design has two tiny dials for eyes, and comes with the same perplexed wide-eyed expression as the tall robot from the franchise. Hats off to Midjourney for also doing such a remarkable job with the reflectivity of the brass, and just the sheer amount of highlights and shadows created by the pocket watch’s intricately detailed surface. This could have easily fooled me.

While its original inspiration blew up into smithereens in the movie, this rather hefty table clock doesn’t look particularly in any danger of being destroyed. The AI had a tough time grasping the size and scale of the Death Star’s different regions, but managed to get the crux of its overall design, with a crater in the center that serves as the watch face.

What’s a Star Wars tribute series without the real star of the franchise? I’m talking about the Baby Yoda seen in The Mandalorian. This particular prompt was incredibly tough to orchestrate. I honestly wanted a table clock with Yoda ears, but Midjourney kept insisting on making a Baby Yoda figurine and putting a clock in its arms. Some of the images it made didn’t even have a clock in them! The one below was the best of the lot, with a rather adorable Baby Yoda holding a tiny timepiece with near-perfect numbering on it (Midjourney is notoriously bad with representing text). 15/10 would buy this.

Our last timepiece themes itself on the descendant of Vader… Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren. Now this one might have been the toughest of the lot, as the AI kept confusing Kylo Ren for Darth Vader. It took over 20 images to get something that even closely resembled Kylo’s helmet. To make things more dramatic, I added some red elements on the watch, along with lightsaber-inspired hands to match!


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