The chat function offered by Bing’s new AI tool can be tailored to produce a variety of conversational styles that make the interaction more enriching for the user. In addition to creating outputs that can be used in a variety of settings (from the workplace to community emails or academic-style writing), the AI is able to generate responses or revisit existing outputs with greater creativity, balance, or precision. 

These stylistic alterations can produce a more enriching exchange with the AI. Instead of shackling the chat platform to responses that are overly balanced and subdued — focusing on factual statements and non-partisan answers to even the most mundane questions — users can unleash the full creative weight of the Bing AI tool by simply selecting a new tone for the AI’s output style. This last feature makes Bing’s integrated AI a fantastic plugin that allows Microsoft users to get the most out of the Edge Browser and Bing toolset. Playing around with the conversational style can give you a few different takes on the same topic, enhancing the angle you eventually take on a writing project or presentation.


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