Congress leader Shashi Tharoor recently took to Twitter to thank IPL team Rajasthan Royals (RR) and its captain Sanju Samson for sending across a personalised jersey. He even shared pictures of himself sporting the pink and purple coloured RR jersey. Since Tharoor is known for his extensive vocabulary and impressive command of the English language, Rajasthan Royals replied to the tweet directed at them using ChatGPT. Yes, you read that right!

Shashi Tharoor sporting the personalised jersey by Rajasthan Royals. (Twitter/@ShashiTharoor and @rajasthanroyals)
Shashi Tharoor sporting the personalised jersey by Rajasthan Royals. (Twitter/@ShashiTharoor and @rajasthanroyals)

“Many thanks to @IamSanjuSamson and @rajasthanroyals for this token of their appreciation for my support! Just backing my star constituent and see what I’ve got in return…,” wrote Shashi Tharoor while sharing pics on Twitter. The jerpictures shared online show Tharoor sporting a Rajasthan Royals jersey.

The official Twitter handle of Rajasthan Royals responded to the tweet using a screenshot of ChatGPT and a heart emoticon. It reads, “Dear esteemed Shashi Tharoor, It is with an indelible sense of gratitude that I compose this letter to convey my utmost appreciation for your recent tweet exhibiting your unwavering support for the Rajasthan Royals in the cricketing arena. The profundity of your words of encouragement and endorsement for our team has bestowed upon us a sense of pride and elevated our spirits to continue in the pursuit of excellence on the cricketing field.”

Since being posted, both tweets have raked tons of likes and comments. While many thought that only an AI chatbot could match Tharoor’s level of English, a few think otherwise. While reacting to the tweet, an individual wrote, “Lmao. Only ChatGPT could match his level of English!” “Give us a side profile too Shashi! Where are all the paraphernalia around your neck?” posted another. A third shared, “Savage @rajasthanroyals. I am certain even chatGPT can’t match Tharoor’s dictionary.” “Awesome! Need some net practice,” expressed a fourth. A fifth commented, “And you are an all rounder @ShashiTharoor love your spirit!!!”

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