Mylio Photos is about to be reborn as a free app with some options that will have a price attached. Mylio Photos is a complete photo management solution that allows users to easily collect, organize, browse, search, and share their media files, including photos, videos, and documents.

The app offers cloud independence, which improves speed and ensures users’ privacy. With no file limits, very fast search features, and intelligent organization tools, the free version of Mylio Photos will be a worthwhile option for photographers looking to manage their photo and video library.

Mylio Photos’ AI SmartTag technology can recognize over 1,000 activities, objects, and properties in photos. In an industry first, users can customize the filter’s sensitivity to fine-tune results for identifying animals, plants, environments, food, and more. Unlike most other AI tools, Mylio Photos’ AI tools run on users’ devices without transferring data, providing impressive speed and complete privacy.

Collect and Consolidate in One Library

Collecting a lifetime of images from multiple sources can be a hassle. With Mylio Photos, users can add photos from any source using Linked Folders. Adding photos from online services like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Frame.io, and Google is also easy. Plus, you can easily import from camera memory cards or a phone. Any duplicate files are automatically removed during the import.

Clean Up Unwanted Photos

Mylio Photos’ Photo DeClutter tool makes it easy to find visually similar photos based on shooting time and location. As a result, users can quickly identify burst mode and bad shots, then mark unneeded shots for easy removal or deletion. AI Smart Tags can also promptly identify common photo flaws, such as blurry, dark, and closed eyes.

QuickFilters feature allows users to find specific photos using details within image files quickly. Sort photos based on inherent properties like the lens or camera used, dates, and file type. Users can privately face-tag photos, search for text in photos using OCR (optical character recognition), and easily add geotags to images with missing location data. When combined with AI SmartTags, a user can find any photo in two to three clicks.

Enjoy a Universal Photo Library

Mylio Photos’ Open Architecture allows files to be easily shared with any photo or video app. Users can track edits, and their library stays up to date. Open Clipboard also connects with any external app or service. On mobile, tap the share menu to hand photos or videos seamlessly to most apps.

Of Course, It’s Not All Free

Mylio Photos users who want to connect their devices, access their library from anywhere, and automatically protect their photos can sign up for the Mylio Photos+ add-on plan. To get a preview of new Mylio Photos features and functionality coming with spring and summer releases (including the upcoming Version 23 update), there are details here.

I haven’t had a chance to try Mylio, but it’s in my inbox. It has some overlap with some apps I’ve liked, such as Peakto, and of course, many are happy to use Lightroom as their master catalog. Mylio adds some neat tricks to photo organization, and the free version is certainly worth a look. 

Mylio runs on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android. The version that connects all your devices is a subscription option, at $99 per year. I’ll have a review soon. 


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