The disparity between what Donald Trump and his fans think he is and who he really is has always been a source of comedy/enragement. He and MAGA heads believe he’s a tough guy with good jokes who won election twice. His detractors think he’s a coward, a charlatan, a liar, and much else besides. There’s a lot of questionable fan art out there (and NFTs, released by the big guy himself, with more to come) depicting him as things that he’s not, including as a superhero, as a cowboy, and as both Rambo and Rocky. Now there’s AI art, and it sure is weird/offensive.

As per Mediaite, new AI images show Trump as something he really isn’t: a soldier. In reality, the younger Donald received draft deferments during the Vietnam War five separate times. One excuse was that he had bone spurs, a calcium build-up in the heel that causes protrusions. It wasn’t unusual for men of wealthy families to get doctors to claim they suffered from such maladies, but most of them don’t become Republican presidents (who also insult POWs).

The images were shared by big time MAGA world figures, which prompted both mockery as well as offense, especially from veterans who didn’t like that they were being lumped in with a guy who insults military leaders and never served.

The modern version of AI is still in its early days, though one of its pioneers has already — quite belatedly — warned of its copious dangers. No doubt there will be plenty more artificially-rendered Trump images and videos, and more ridiculous than these.

(Via Mediaite)


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