This new AI beer commercial popped up and, well… it’s terrifying in the way only AI generated art and video can be. So why do I keep watching? And why do I spot things I love the more I view? This AI generated beer ad is horrific, but I keep pressing restart.

Now, AI generated art is bad and the controversy around AI art scraping images from the internet and reusing them caused protests on ArtStation. AI still can’t fully grasp rendering hands, or anatomy in general, as the horrendous AI-generated pizza ad showed. But like that ad of non-people gobbling down pizzas like an excitable seal pup lumbering towards the ocean, I kind of love these awful AI-generated commercials.

This beer ad has all the hallmarks we’ve come to expect from Ai-generated images and video: spaghetti hands (tick), Alien-mouths (tick), toothy grins (tick), floating objects (tick, tick, tick). It’s not simply that AI has a blank spot for creating lifelike humans or even realistic beer cans – these ones float and warp like gluey, buttery cylinders – but it’s how everything is hyper sensationalised.

AI beer ad; a woman holds a can of beer

(Image credit: Private Island)

AI beer ad;

(Image credit: Private Island)

AI beer ad; a man slurps beer from thin air

(Image credit: Private Island)

This AI beer commercial begins as a sleepy BBQ and ends in an explosive, fiery apocalypse like a scene from Terminator 2. “This is what hell looks like,” wrote one Twitter user. “At least we know now.” Another Twitter user joked, “Does the LSD come with the beer or is that BYO?”


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