You cannot move for articles and videos about AI at the moment, but this is for good reason. Rather than heralding in the apocalypse, this video points out some of the simple and integrated AI tools that you can use in your post-production.

Around a year ago, I became interested in a few different pieces of AI software, mostly unrelated to photography. There are myriad Twitter threads and articles showing the difference between AI software such as Midjourney or ChatGPT a year ago and today, and if you haven’t seen them, seek them out. The gains that have been made in a year are staggering and it’s why so many people are in a bit of a tailspin over the technology.

Now, there are plenty of very real concerns, but on the lighter side, there are lots of ways you can improve your workflow. Software like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro have lots of AI-centric tools that you can use without having to leave the suites. If you can learn to integrate these AI tools into your workflow, you can save an enormous amount of time. As Evan Ranft shows in this video, the AI masking tools are superb and remove my most loathed job in photo editing!

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