Call Annie
A screenshot from the Call Annie app.

A new app gives ChatGPT a personality by allowing users to talk face-to-face with a red-haired, hazel-eyed avatar named Annie.

Call Annie harnesses the power of ChatGPT, a generative artificial intelligence (AI) large language model, allowing users to have a flowing conversation with a robot.

The company behind the app, Animato, has given Annie social media profiles and users of the app can talk to her about anything they want via a phone call or video call.

The app is only available on iOS 16 and if you want to video call with Annie you will need an iPhone 12 or above. However Digital Trends notes that the app can be used on macOS 13 machines with an M-series processor inside.

“Not to be too much of an AI Doomer but I just had a FaceTime call with a near real-time ChatGPT-powered AI avatar and it was surprisingly human,” writes Chris Frantz in a viral Twitter video that received 5.4 million views.

PetaPixel had a brief conversation with Annie which felt very much like a normal chat with a human being, except for the slightly robotic delivery and occasional odd pronunciation.

“Well I think the future of photography is really exciting, with technology advancing so quickly we’re seeing more and more innovative ways to capture and share images,” says Annie when asked what she thinks the future of photography is.

“I mean, just think about how far we’ve come from the days of film cameras. I think we’ll continue to see advancements in things like smartphones cameras and mirrorless cameras making it easier than ever for people to take high-quality photos,” she continues.

“And with the rise of social media, I think we’ll see more and more ways to share their photos and connect with others who have similar interests.”

It’s a vague and generic answer that you would expect from ChatGPT, but the experience of talking to Annie was more exhilarating than using ChatGPT’s website.

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