Hello. How are you today? Well, I hope. So anyway, on Wednesday night Shaq ripped a massive lasagna fart that was so heinous he had to start airing out the Inside the NBA studio with his own show notes.

Ernie: American Express halftime report from Studio J here in Atlanta. Ernie Johnson with Charles and Kenny, and Shaq … who is …

Kenny: What’s he doing?

Ernie: trying to recover from … you’re not gonna order that lasagna anymore

Shaq: My boy Slice got me some bad lasagna.

Chuck: Are you kidding me?

Shaq: Sorry about that …

Chuck: Why don’t you light a little fire over there?

Shaq: No, don’t … the place’ll blow up.

This is so perfectly formulaic for how you’d expect a fart conversation on Inside the NBA to go that I decided to ask ChatGPT to write a script of Shaq having a lasagna fart on the air, and …

AI is terrifying.


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