Elon Musk visited Capitol Hill on Wednesday to meet with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for a discussion that focused on artificial intelligence.

The meeting comes as Democrats and Republicans are pushing for new regulations in the tech industry to address a growing array of issues, such as generative chatbots and concerns over deep fakes and voice phishing scams.

Asked about the meeting, Musk told NBC News, “It was good. We talked about the future.”

When pressed for specifics, Musk said they spoke about “AI and the economy.”

Schumer characterized it as a “good meeting.”

“We talked about Buffalo. Tesla has a large plant in Buffalo. And we talked about AI,” Schumer told reporters.

Earlier this month, Schumer said he had circulated a “framework” for rules designed to help the U.S. stay competitive with China on the regulatory front and put new restrictions on potentially harmful AI tools.

In a statement at the time, Schumer said, “I look forward to working across the aisle, across the industry and across the country and beyond to shape this proposal and refine legislation to make sure AI delivers on its promise to create a better world.”

Musk’s visit wasn’t the first time he’s met with lawmakers. In January, he tweeted about meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y.

Schumer said Wednesday’s meeting was the second time he’s met with Musk, the first being about 10 years ago when he visited him with then Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., at SpaceX.


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