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  • OpenAI just added an option to turn of chat history when using ChatGPT.
  • When you turn off chat history and training, your data will no longer be used to improve OpenAI’s models.
  • The option could be an important factor when it comes to the European Union allowing ChatGPT to operate, as the governing body has strict privacy laws.

OpenAI recently rolled out the option to turn off chat history when using ChatGPT. The change gives users of the chatbot more control over their data. It may also be key to OpenAI being able to continue operating in the European Union, which has strict rules about data collection and privacy.

When you turn off chat history, all of your chats will be deleted from OpenAI’s systems within 30 days. OpenAI can review the data to monitor abuse, but none of the content will be used to train or improve the company’s model. After you close a conversation, it will not be recovered by a user.


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