The world of Harry Potter will soon be reimagined by the new HBO series based on the novels of J.K. Rowling, but what if the new iteration of the boy wizard was directed by Wes Anderson? Well that is a question that has been answered by a series of AI art images that have stunningly captured exactly what a Harry Potter project from the quirky director could be like.

The Harry Potter movie franchise had a number of different directors and the style of the films changed over the course of the saga as the stories became darker in tone. However, the new series will potentially bring a consistent voice to the entire project, even if it ends up going through several different helmers over its almost decade-long run. However, there are some directors that just have a style all of their own, and Wes Anderson’s eye for detail would potentially change the way you look at Harry Potter forever.


As shared by Panorama Channel on Instagram, the AI images of how Harry Potter, Voldemort, Hermione, Dumbledore and more could look if Anderson was in charge are certainly more colorful and whimsical than anything seen in the Harry Potter franchise to date and that alone almost makes you wish it was real. Check out the images below:

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Will the Harry Potter TV Show Be Better Than The Movies?

Harry Potter Characters
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That is something that is hard to gauge right now. The Harry Potter movies were not all perfect by any means. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was essentially a test of whether fans of the book would take to the franchise being adapted to the big screen. Clearly we all know the answer that now, but it does mean that even that movie, which was based on the very simple and basic original novel, left out and changed parts of the book that could be adapted in something new in the TV series.

Currently, the plan is for each season of the TV show to adapt one of Rowling’s novels. This will most likely work in the long run, with some adjustments to episode length along the way, which these days is not really an issue anymore. That will allow the series to tell a much more rounded and in depth adaptation of the novels that a 2 hour movie couldn’t.

The biggest challenge for the series – outside the ongoing controversies around Rowling and general fan unrest – is going to come down to its casting. Recasting the main trio of Harry, Hermione and Ron is one thing, but there are other characters that have become so intertwined with the stars who played them in the movies that any new actor coming in is going to have a battle on their hands. This includes the late Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid, Ralph Fiennes’ Voldemort, Michael Gambon’s Dumbledore – who himself was a recast following the death of Richard Harris – and of course the inimitable Alan Rickman as Severus Snape. There are many big shoes to be filled, and that is the headache that casting directors on the series will soon have to face.


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