Using Chat Thing, users can create an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT using their existing data from Notion, uploaded files, and websites. Users can connect their bot to their data and documents, and the bot will give relevant answers to any question related to that document or Notion page.

Currently, Chat Thing supports two data sources – Notion and Websites.

For Notion, all a user has to do is select which Notion page they want to give access to the bot. For websites, users have to add a list of URLs, and Chat Thing will scrape the site’s content and make it available to the bot.

Users can then embed their chatbots on their site or connect to Whatsapp, Slack, or other channels. Chat PDF is a paid tool; users can select which plan suits them best.

BanterAI is a unique website that allows its users to have voice conversations with cloned versions of famous people. BanterAI allows connecting with virtual clones that can respond to users’ questions and statements in real time.

Users can engage in various conversations with their chosen celebrity clone, such as their recent endeavors, personal matters, current affairs, and societal concerns. The cloned personalities are designed to imitate real-life individuals’ tones and behaviors, resulting in incredibly authentic and immersive user interaction.

Adrenaline allows users to talk to their codebase. It is a code debugger that provides users with a chat interface for debugging code. It can help users run their Python code and help them find the wrong code, and in a few seconds, they can diagnose and fix buggy code very quickly.

Adrenaline can aid users in fixing their code. Users only need to enter their code and describe the problem. Users can receive assistance from the chatbot by entering their code and detailing the issue. In cases where more complex coding errors occur, users can communicate with the chatbot and apply diagnostic solutions to rectify the problem.

SkipVid allows users to quickly summarize YouTube videos in one click. Users just have to enter the URL of the youtube video, and a summary of the video will be displayed, and users can ask the chatbot questions about the video.

Chat Webpage allows users to chat with any webpage. It helps users discover more about a website’s content simply by entering its URL and conversing with the tool. Users can ask questions and extract valuable data directly from the website.

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