College students impacted by the increased presence of artifical intelligence on their campuses gave “The Story” their take on how the technology will affect them in the classroom and the job market.

AI has the ability to mimic human consciousness and complete tasks like writing essays, driving a family across the country or making decisions in a chess game, according to a previous Fox News Digital report. 

ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, is gaining popularity among young people who can type in a writing prompt and receive an essay back in minutes.  

“If you go into a library right now, you can see sort of everyone is using ChatGPT,” college junior Jay Ram told host Martha MacCallum on Thursday. “I think there are people who are using it for bad that are using it to write the essay for them, and there are people who are using it sort of like Google as, like, a research tool.” 

While complex AI programming can aid students in showing them steps to complete a math problem or giving them ideas for their research projects, some Americans have voiced concerns about the impact programming has on learning. 


Campus Reform correspondent Tabatha Fajardo, who attends Stony Brook University, explained that while many Americans fear AI will be used to replace humans, the man-made programming cannot take away from authentic human connection. 

“You can insert something into a program and they’ll create a haiku for you, but it will never take away from the human connection,” she said. 

Fajardo also noted a report finding that many students view AI technology’s use as a form of cheating.

“A recent report by Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform reported on a survey about intelligence that states that about a third of its college-age students who had responded said that they had admitted to using ChatGPT and AI like it and so, not only have they used it, but there’s a large majority of students who say that it’s also considered a form of cheating,” Fajardo said. “In order to prepare to enter the job market, we need to be doing the work honestly and so it brings up the question about academic integrity.” 

Many college students wonder what impact the new programming will have on the job market. 

“In the financial industry, there are so many different applications of AI that can be seen within finance and especially, for example, for roles that may be more trading-intensive as far as trading securities,” said Kyra Varnavas, a finance major at Fordham University. “There are already a lot of algorithms that are beginning to be more prominent in the industry, and that’s something that I definitely keep in mind when I’m on the job search.” 


Fajardo concluded: “At the end of the day, the human mind and our God-given abilities are not replaceable.” 

Fox News Digital’s Phillip Nieto contributed to this report. 


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