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Fox News has agreed to settle the dominion defamation lawsuit the settlement for $787 million. Fox avoids an embarrassing trial with its so called stars on the stand, Fox says it shows commitment to news. The new Senate health committee report is doubling down on the theory of a China lab leak as the origin for COVID. India’s Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments for granting legal recognition to same sex marriages. The court will confine the merit to hearing to India’s secular law in marriage the special marriage act. In San Francisco, I’m Ed Baxter, this is Bloomberg, our Paul back to you and Sydney. All right, thanks very much, shade. Artificial intelligence tools growing very quickly and is getting very difficult as well to predict the impact. This is the view of Michael Osborne, an Oxford professor and cofounder of mind foundry, which is an AI company started by academic researchers. Here is Osborne in conversation with the Bloomberg’s francine LaCroix and Tom McKenzie. Firstly, on the development of the technology itself, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of truly impressive developments from large language models. Of course, the technology that everyone’s speaking about at the moment is chat GPT, which is driven by GPT four large language model from OpenAI.

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