I’ve reviewed dozens and dozens of phones over the last decade and while that often means flagship phones that cost as much as some of the best laptops. However, there are some outstanding budget phones that cross my desk as well.  And today, I’m focusing on the best phone under $500.

There were many years when a phone around that price range was a bit of a wasteland, but the company that broke this territory wide open in the last couple of years is Google. Google’s Pixel A-series laid the groundwork for this strategy, delivering a software and hardware experience that was unmatched by devices twice its price, and the Pixel 6a remains one of the best smartphones on the market, but I’m looking beyond the A-Series to the Pixel 7

Google’s latest Pixel is an absolute gem and you’ll find it currently at the top of our best smartphones list, so how could it not be the best smartphone under $500? 

Google Pixel 7

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How much does the Pixel 7 cost?

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