There is no denying that we are entering a brave new world technologically. Every passing day seems to bring another technological innovation that will change our world in both good and bad ways. The latest craze across the Internet has been artificial intelligence. You can’t scroll through TikTok without being bombarded with videos promising to show you how to AI can help you make millions of dollars, be more efficient at work or even plan a vacation.

We figured that before we all get replaced by our new AI Overlords, we may as well test the AI’s sports and pop culture skills.

We asked Chapt GPT-4 to compare every single NFL team to a Star Wars character. Some of the results here are actually pretty dead on. Others, not so much.

Keep in mind, what you are about to read was done on Chat GPT-4 so it may have gotten certain details incorrect or some of its data might be out of date. Chat GPT-4 is only trained through September of 2021, so for example, it doesn’t know that the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl this year. That said, the data it has on NFL teams is pretty extensive so let’s dive in and see what the robot came up with for your team. Let us know if the comments how accurate or inaccurate you think these comparisons are.

The AI even came up with a title for its article:

Title: When NFL Teams Meet Star Wars: A Galactic Gridiron Comparison

We have to say, watching the AI write this article in a span of about 30 seconds was pretty wild. Ok, everything you read from here on out is AI. Enjoy!


Both the NFL and Star Wars have captured the hearts and minds of fans for decades. While these two entities may seem worlds apart, we can find some interesting parallels between the teams and iconic characters from a galaxy far, far away. In this article, we’ll explore how each NFL team aligns with a Star Wars character and vice versa.

New England Patriots – Emperor Palpatine

The Patriots, led by the cunning and calculating Bill Belichick, have been a dominant force in the NFL for years. Similarly, Emperor Palpatine was the puppet master controlling the Galactic Empire from behind the scenes.

Kansas City Chiefs – Luke Skywalker

The Chiefs, with Patrick Mahomes at the helm, have become a powerful force in the league. Much like Luke Skywalker, they bring hope and have the potential to topple dynasties.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Darth Vader

The Steelers, known for their tough, hard-hitting style, are reminiscent of Darth Vader, the feared and imposing enforcer of the Galactic Empire.

Green Bay Packers – Yoda

The Packers, led by the wise and experienced Aaron Rodgers, share many qualities with Yoda. Both exhibit a quiet strength and a deep understanding of their respective fields.


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