• I wanted to see how ChatGPT would overhaul a dating profile, so I used my it own on Hinge and Bumble.
  • To compare, I also enlisted the help of a human — a professional dating app writer named Lydia Kociuba.

Dating apps are supposed to lower the social pressures of attracting a partner — in theory.

Just download an app, create a profile with a few pictures and a witty bio, and boom: You’re circulating among a virtual pool of people you know are single — or at least open to your romantic overtures. There’s no need for the guessing games that can make real-life interactions … awkward.

In practice, though, I’ve found that crafting a profile that’s polished yet personal enough to attract the right partner isn’t easy. Matches say my profiles are vague and don’t really offer much information for them to start a meaningful conversation.

One way to improve my profiles could be to shell out dollars to a professional dating app writer. Yet, with people testing a new spate of free, generative AI bots with almost everything under the sun, I wondered: How might ChatGPT fare at writing a dating profile?

I decided to see whether human talent or artificial intelligence would win out in the world of romantic pursuits. I asked a professional dating app writer to craft Bumble and Hinge profiles for me — the two apps on my phone right now. I put ChatGPT to the test, too.

Here’s what happened …

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