VSCO started life as a photo editing tool with a wide range of filters. Those enable one-tap tweaks to any image, with the app also having the ability to edit video. The filters can be adjusted with a simple strength slider or a wide assortment of manual editing tools. The app has all the basic editing tools, from exposure, contrast, adjustment, sharpening, tone, white balance, and skin tone. It also features advanced editing tools, like HSL (Hue, Saturation & Lightness), to tweak individual colors in the image and split tone to layer different colors over the shadows and highlights.

While most editing apps work only with images from the camera roll, VSCO can also take its own. The integrated camera can shoot in full auto settings, or with DSLR-like controls to manage shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, and manual focus. The app also has its own internal social media in the Discover tab, where you can get inspired by the community of other users. This includes weekly challenges to push your skills to the next level, and a journaling section to document the journey.

VSCO is free to download with the use of a limited number of filters and some editing tools. A yearly subscription to unlock everything costs $29.99, and you can get a seven-day free trial before being charged. Subscribing to VSCO gets you access to over 200 filters, some created to mimic beloved film types, some created by developers or photography influencers.

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