ChatGPT: “This engine was used in the Toyota Supra and is known for its impressive performance and reliability. It’s a turbocharged inline-six engine that has become popular in the aftermarket tuning community.”

The 2JZ-GTE does have a history dating back to the 1970s with the Celica coupe. And it is the most suped-up version of the Toyota 2JZ engine in the Supra Turbo.

Sometimes the “conversational” tone of ChatGPT can make a user forget that, fundamentally, it’s just a self-searching database of other people’s work. In that same vein, ChatGPT opinions on the Internet can also come from “Fast and Furious” movies. 

The 2JZ-GTE powered Supra MK4 was a fun if outdated 90s-vintage tuner car. Even its star turn as the late Paul Walker’s character’s deeply improbable “ten-second car” in the first Fast and Furious film acknowledged the Supra’s best point was how easily a good mechanic could turn it into something better.


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