If you’re using ChatGPT to create prose for a PowerPoint or prompts for classroom learning, you might want to consider adding these prompts at the end of your query. We asked ChatGPT to “explain flight” in three different styles. A baseline prompt (“Explain flight”) returned a standard response: “Flight is the ability of an object, typically an aircraft, to move through the air by generating lift, which is the force that opposes gravity.” 

But when we asked it to “explain flight in the style of William Shakespeare,” it generated a five-stanza monologue that read:

“With wings of metal, strong and true they be

And engines that doth roar with awesome might…

Aerodynamics, laws of physics grand,

Thrust, lift and drag, and gravity’s great force,

All come to play as pilots take command…”

The product is quite compelling reading, making the explanation more endearing to a class of young learners. Speaking of younger learners, asking for a 10-year-old’s explanation of flight elicited a more juvenile answer, but one that still provided the basic gist of the facts at hand: “Airplanes use their wings to lift off the ground and stay up in the air. The airplane is powered by engines, which are like big fans…” The modifiers help clarify the target audience and will bring a much more enriching response forward from the AI.

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