Microsoft’s next major version of Windows will be focused on deeper integration of its artificial intelligence advances, according to a new report.

The Windows 12 update rumoured to be arriving sooner rather than later will “modernise the OS” according to Windows Central’s sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans.

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The ‘CorePC’ initiative will also focus on faster updates and improved security options as well as maintaining support for legacy applications. The software could also allow for the scaling of the operating system to make it applicable to laptops and PCs across the spectrum of use cases and spec sheets.

However, the headline would be the reshaping of Windows around its rapid expansion into AI, following the reception afforded to its ChatGPT-based tools that are already making themselves known across the platform within Search and Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft seems ready to capitalise on the momentum it appears to have gained, as ChatGPT has become a household term in recent months. The company appears to have stolen a march on Google, which is taking a more cautious approach with its similarly-minded Bard tool.

The report contains some really interesting detail on how Microsoft might choose to approach making AI a centrepiece of its entire operation. It says:

Some AI features being developed include the ability for Windows to analyse content on display and provide contextual prompts to jumpstart projects or apps based on the information that’s currently being viewed. Windows may also be able to identify objects and text within images, and allow the user to easily cut out and paste those items elsewhere. Some AI features will require dedicated hardware to function.

Windows Central

The report suggests Microsoft may be looking to launch this version of Windows as soon as next year. Earlier this month leaked information from Intel regarding its forthcoming Meteor Lake CPUs mentioned Windows 12 as a supported platform. The plot thickens.


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